Jes & Brian

On August 29th I documented the love between Jes & Brian. Jes and I made many memories together back in high school and I was so honored to have our paths cross again. It was so touching seeing two people, so absolutely enamored, looking at each other as they spoke beautiful vows of their love from their hearts. The wedding took place at the very place they met, The Channel 3 Kids Camp in Andover, Connecticut. There were many tears of happiness, great people, and a larger than life live band on a stage. This was also a monumental day for SMS Photo, this wedding marked the beginning of the dive into the Wedding Industry. It was from the love I witness to the love that shone through their images, that told me, this is it. Weddings are where I want to be. A huge thank you to Jes and Bryan!

Venue: Channel 3 Kids Camp